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Bobrick, 223, inch, Accessories

Bobrick B 223 inch x 24 inch


Satin-finish stainless steel. Anti-slip mop holders have spring-loaded rubber cam that grips handles 7/8 inch to 1-1/4 inch (20-30mm) dia. Holds mops 3-1/4 inch (85mm) from wall. Height: 5 inch (125mm). 3 holders, 24 inch (610mm) length ..

Bobrick, 223X36, Accessories

Bobrick B 223X36


Anti-slip mop holders have spring-loaded rubber cam that grips handles 7/8 inch to 1-1/4 inch dia. Holds mops 3-1/4 inch from wall. Height: 5 inch 4 holders, 36 inch length. Satin-finish stainless steel...

Bobrick, 2250-3, Reusable, Heavy, Gauge, Liners, Accessories

Bobrick B 2250-3 Reusable Heavy Gauge Li...


Permanent liners are sold individually and made of heavy gauge vinyl with added reinforcement at the top to make the grommet holes extra strong. For use with models B-2250, B-2260 Open Dimensions: 12-3/8 inches x 22 inches x 12-3/8 inches (315 x 56..

Bobrick, 2706, Accessories

Bobrick B 2706 25


Single-coin mechanisms for 25 cent; operation.Push-Button operates with less than 5 pounds of force without tight grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist. Coin return button cancels selection and returns coin into product tray. Wrong coins (penny..

Bobrick, 2800-25, Surface, Mounted, Sanitary, Napkin/Tam, Accessories

Bobrick B 2800-25 Surface Mounted Sanita...


This unit has been discontinued in favor of the new ADA compliant B-2706 25 or the B-370639 25 ..

Bobrick, B-204-2, Vinyl, Shower, Curtain, Accessories

Bobrick B-204-2 Vinyl Shower Curtain


Opaque, matte white vinyl 0.008 inches (0.2mm) thick, containing antibacterial and flame-retardant agents. Nickel-plated brass grommets along top, one every 6 inches (150mm). Bottom and sides are hemmed. Recommended for use with Bobrick stainless ste..

Bobrick, B-204-3, Shower, Curtain, Accessories

Bobrick B-204-3 Shower Curtain


Shower Curtain, 70 inch W x 72 inch H, White, Order 12 Hooks Separately Opaque matte white vinyl shower curtain 008” (0.2mm) thick It contains antibacterial and flame retardant agents, it has nickel plated brass grommets along top, one every 6” (150m..

Bobrick, B-221, Toilet, Seat, Cover, Accessories

Bobrick B-221 Toilet Seat Cover


Fills from bottom. Unit 15 3.4 inch W, 11 inch H, 2 inch D (400 x 280 x 50mm).Av. Mtg. Ht.: 45.49" (1145.1500mm) to top of unit, Barrier-Free, 30.45 inch (760.1145mm). 18-8 S, type-304, 22-gauge (0.8mm) stainless steel with satin finish. All-welded c..

Bobrick, B-254, Surface, Mounted, Napkin, Disposal, Accessories

Bobrick B-254 Surface Mounted Napkin Dis...


Classic Series Surface Mounted Sanitary Napkin Disposal Unit, satin finish stainless steel, door has tumbler lock, self closing panel covers disposal opening, removable leakproof 1.2 gallon plastic receptacle. Unit is 10-11/16 inch W, 15-1/8 inch H, ..

Bobrick, B-270, Surface, Mtd, Sanitary, Napkin, Disposal, Accessories

Bobrick B-270 Surface Mtd Sanitary Napki...


Cover is drawn, one-piece construction; secured to cabinet with full-length stainless steel piano-hinge. Disposable paper liners for the container are available. Satin-finish stainless steel...

Bobrick, B-2746, Surface, Mounted, Double, Roll, Dispenser, Accessories

Bobrick B-2746 Surface Mounted Double Ro...


Heavy-duty cast aluminum, satin-finish; vandal-resistant. Tumbler lock secures spindles in place. High-impact plastic spindles hold rolls up to 6" (150mm) dia. (2000 sheets). Controlled delivery. Extended Lead times may apply. Please Contact us f..

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