Precision Ladders Super Simplex Folding Stairway

Precision Ladders Super Simplex Folding Stairway

Super Simplex Disappearing Stairways

The Super Simplex is Precision's commercial-grade aluminum folding stairway. It is the most structurally superior product of its kind on the market today. Its primary use is as an attic stairway, but with a Precision roof hatch can be used for roof access.

Compare these features to other pull-down stairs:

  • A test weight of 500 lbs
  • Individual tread test weights of 1000 lbs
  • No shear of rivets when tested at 2000 lbs
  • 11 gauge steel frame
  • A 5-3/16" tread depth
  • Availability of optional 2-HOUR FIRE RATING
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI A14.9-2004

The Super Simplex is the only pull-down stair available with a frame complete with built-in treads custom fabricated to your exact distance from ceiling to floor above thereby accommodating dropped ceilings.

For secure access to your rooftop equipment, we offer a package unit consisting of a folding stairway, a custom frame to fit distance from ceiling to roof and a custom roof hatch factory-mounted to the top of the frame. This entire unit can then be dropped in from above, secured and flashed in for safe, comfortable roof access.

The Super Simplex is so reliable you can reclaim attic space for storage purposes without the need for a permanent stairway. Many national companies are already using the Super Simplex to maximize use of floor space. Some typical applications are: airport control towers, banks, better residences, bottling plants, churches, drug stores, government buildings, hospitals, laboratories, libraries, museums, restaurants, schools and retail stores. While this unit was originally designed for commercial installations, it is also available in sizes to fit standard residential truss spacing.

Custom sizes available. Precision inquiries in Delaware, Minnesota, Northwestern Peninsula of Michigan, West Virginia or Wisconsin, contact BMSI at 763-252-5555. ALL other inquiries contact Precision Ladders at 423-586-2265 for your territory rep!

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