Precision Ladders Ships Ladders

Precision Ladders Ships Ladders

The two most important features of our SL series ladders are easy installation and no maintenance. The relative weight of these units compared to a steel unit makes it a breeze to install and as with the FL series ladders, its aluminum construction also makes it virtually maintenance free. A Ships Ladder is an ideal solution for mezzanine access or, when combined with a Precision Roof Hatch, for roof access from interior of building.

Some important characteristics of these ladders are:
All components shall be aluminum alloy 6005-T5
Stringers are 5" x 2" x 3/16" aluminum channel
Treads are from the same extrusion used on our Super Simplex Disappearing Stairway, 5-3/16" x 1-1/4"; x 1/8" extruded channel with deeply serrated surface to maximize traction in a 30" clear width
Handrails are 1-1/2" diameter schedule 40 pipe
Mill finish aluminum
Available in pitches from 63 degrees to 75 degrees.

Available as options:
Wider tread widths up to 48" maximum
Other finishes: primed for field painting, enamel paint, anodized, vinyl safety striped
Safety textured handrail
Other tread materials: Checkered plate, grating

Please contact BMSI for your custom quote today. Precision inquiries in Delaware, Minnesota, Northwestern Peninsula of Michigan, West Virginia or Wisconsin, contact BMSI at 763-252-5555. ALL other inquiries contact Precision Ladders at 423-586-2265 for your territory rep

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