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150-99, Koala, Kare

150-99 Koala Kare


Sanitary Bed Liners. For use with Koala Baby Changing Stations. Pre-folded for liner dispensing. Large 13 in. X 19 in. 3 Ply white biodegradable liners. 500 liners per case. Compatible with septic and sewer systems. ..

102-00, Koala, Kare

KB 102-00 Koala Kare


Wall Mounted Child Protection Seat Features: Cream colored polyethylene seat & back Closed depth is 5-5/8" Open depth is 12-1/2" Dimensions 12-1/4" W x 18-3/4" H Wall Mounted Child Protection Seat, cream colored polyethylene seat and b..

110-00, SSRE, Koala, Kare

KB 110-00 SSRE Koala Kare


18 gauge, type 304 satin stainless steel exterior finish. High density grey polyethylene interior. Changing Bed features smooth, concave changing area with nylon safety straps, two hooks for bags or purses and instruction graphics, safety messages ..

110-00, SSWM, Koala, Kare

KB 110-00 SSWM Koala Kare


Type 304 brushed stainless steel finish Koala stainless steel clad recessed mounted horizontal baby changing station with polyethylene interior. Steel-on-steel hinge mechanism meets ASTM standards when properly installed. Gas spring mechanism ensu..

112-01RE, Koala, Kare

KB 112-01RE Koala Kare


Koala Comfort Center. Countertop Recess Mount. The industry leading Koala Bear Kare® Baby Changing Station provides parents with a practical, convenient place to change diapers. An important customer service initiative, the Baby Changing Station enco..

112-0CT, Koala, Kare

KB 112-0CT Koala Kare


The Koala Kare KB112-01CT countertop baby changing station is designed for use in restrooms where counter space is more abundant than wall space. Its smooth, concave, high-density polyethylene changing surface is easy to clean and resists odors and b..

113-99, Koala, Kare, Diaper, Kit

KB 113-99 Koala Kare Diaper Kit


These Koala Kare KB133-99 diaper kits include everything you need to make a quick and easy diaper change on the go! Each diaper kit includes one sanitary bed liner, one disposable diaper, 2 sanitary wipes, and one disposable bag. It's perfect for the..

134-SSLD, Koala, Kare

KB 134-SSLD Koala Kare


Perfect for use with any Koala Kare Changing station, or in restrooms that require a high volume of baby changing table liners, this Koala Kare KB134-SSLD sanitary changing table liner dispenser can hold up to 100 liners! It features a durable, attra..

143-SS, Koala, Kare

KB 143-SS Koala Kare


Provide your guests with easy access to a diaper when an accident happens with the Koala Kare KB143-SS diaper kit dispenser! It holds up to 24 Koala Kare diaper kits, and could be the difference that keeps your customers from having to leave suddenly..

144-99, Koala, Kare

KB 144-99 Koala Kare


Use the Koala Kare KB144-99 stainless steel trim kit if you plan to recess mount your Koala Kare KB143-SS diaper kit dispenser. It's made of matching stainless steel and provides an attractive finishing option ..

KB100-ST, Koala, Kare, Standard, Horizontal, Stainless, Steel, Flange

KB100-ST Koala Kare Standard Horizontal...


The Koala Kare KB100-00ST horizontal recessed mounted baby changing station is made of high-density polyethylene for durability and longevity. Recessed mounted baby changing stations save space and provide sturdiness and additional security for child..

KB101-00, Koala, Kare

KB101-00 Koala Kare


Koala manufacturers the world's most utilized baby changing stations, pioneering the industry since 1986 to establish its products as indispensable restroom standards that families depend upon in every public facility. Koala Bear Kare is the #1 mo..

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